Sweet Treats at Cupcake Delights in Mt. Dora

Cupcake Delights

We’re so lucky to live near a cupcake bakery. My kids LOVE cupcakes and we go there for a treat. Today was special because Cupcake Delights was celebrating their 5th birthday and all cupcakes were $2 each. Yay!

I took my 4 year old with me to help pick out a few cupcakes to bring home and share with the family. He chose the chocolate chip cookie dough cupcake (yum), the strawberry shortcake cupcake and the Thin Mint cupcake. So far we’ve tried the Thin Mint and the chocolate chip cookie dough. They were both awesome!

Check out how happy my son was to get his cupcake! Oh, he was trying to look at himself in the mirror while smiling for the camera. 😉

Cupcake Delights 2

If you are anywhere near the downtown Mount Dora, Florida area I suggest stopping in at Cupcake Delights and having a cupcake (or two). You won’t be disappointed! Grab a cupcake and walk around downtown, there are lots of great little boutique shops and restaurants to visit.

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  1. Oh wow, the cupcakes look great! We have several cupcake shoppes around here, but I don’t think we have a Cupcakes Delight. I’d happily pay $2 for a delicious cupcake, but the shops around here always want more than that.

    1. They were delicious! They have one afternoon a week, where they host cupcake ‘happy hour’. So, there’s at least one day a week when the cupcakes are $2. Have a great week, Tracy.

  2. They look so good and your son is adorable. My inlaws live in FL so next time down there we will have to try to make our way over to the Bakery.

  3. your son looks like he cant wait to take a bite of that cupcake.! happy number five to cupcake delights and congrats to you for being in purchasing zone.

  4. That looks so good. It always cracks me up to see a photo with a child having a treat. Their faces don’t lie!

  5. yummy!! I live no where near FL..I wish. 😉 But we do have a yummy yummy cupcake place up here..probably good I don’t stop in there too often! haha