Westgate Lakes Resort and Spa Stuffed Animal Adventure #WGLakesWeekend

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If you follow me on Instagram and Twitter, you know that I spent last weekend at the Westgate Lakes Resort and Spa in Orlando. We loaded up the family and had an amazing weekend in the sun. What we didn’t expect was to misplace two of my five-year-old son’s favorite stuffed animals. When we returned from an evening at Downtown Disney (at 11pm no less) and found that we were missing the animals, first thing we needed to do was calm my child down enough so that he could go to sleep without them. Once that was settled, my husband called the front desk. They advised that we should file a security report in the morning. So, of course that’s what we did. It was the day we were leaving and it was checkout time, but they took the report and advised they would call if they found them.

Honestly, I thought that was the last time we would see “special moo-cow” or “turtle-turtle” and I never expected this response. Two days later, Chris from the Westgate Lakes Resort and Spa Security department called and let us know that they found the stuffed animals and wanted to send them back with a special surprise for my son. They did mail them back, Priority Mail no less and we had the box in 2 days.

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I had my son open the box and in addition to his two stuffed animals, there was a third stuffed animal, a coloring book, and a Sea World animal fact sheet. That’s not all, there was this amazing letter to a five year old.

My son knew that we had asked security to look for his stuffed animals and he was afraid he wouldn’t be able to see them again, but there was always hope. The look on his face when he opened the box was absolutely priceless, but to have this letter included in the box was the icing on the cake. The entire time we were on our stay, I kept saying to my husband that it didn’t feel like we were in Orlando and that everyone was so very accommodating. This letter was a definite win for both my son and Westgate Lakes Resort and Spa. They now have a very loyal customer.

Westgate Lakes Resort & Spa is also offering my readers 20% off when they make a reservation. Visit Reservations or call 1-800-383-8850 to make your reservation. Use special code: #WGLakesWeekend when you make your reservation.

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