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Enough is enough. I’ve reached my breaking point, which, to be honest, doesn’t take very long. I just want to wrap my kids in a bubble and protect them from the world. The world as it is right now isn’t fit for human consumption on a daily basis. Which is why, when we talked a couple weeks ago I mentioned that I don’t watch the news with my kids (8,9) because it’s scary. The people are scary, the issues are scary, and the leaders are doing very little to calm any fears I may have. Some are actually making those fears worse or even a reality.

I read an article today about a South Carolina woman – I did not watch the video – and was outraged on behalf of those kids that she tormented, yelled at, and accosted. I’m outraged as an American, as a human, and as a mother. How can we live peacefully? How can we turn things around? How can we stop being assholes to each other? Yes, I said it. We have to step back, look at each other as neighbors, as family, as friends, and support what this country was built on.

One nation, under God.

We are so far removed from where we were when I was young and I’m only 44. What is going to happen if we keep letting others stomp on the rights of civilians that live next door, or down the street, or in the next county? I am only one person, but I have a voice. We all need to come together so that we still have a world for our kids to grow up in.

When do we say, “enough is enough” and fight for what WE believe in? Be it community, human rights, or freaking basic decency. We have to start somewhere and we can all start with ourselves to make this world a nicer place to live.

How do we do this?

Get involved with local advocacy groups, talk to your neighbors, smile when someone walks by, make any attempt at human kindness. What you send out into the world comes back to you.



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  1. (When Do We Say, “Enough is Enough” | A Rant) I agree that this world we all live in now is getting very barbaric every day. I have a five year old grandson and worry all the time now. My son, daughter-in-law, and grandson live in a smaller town in Wisconsin, and lately home invaders have been coming from Madison and charging into homes there and taking people hostage while ransacking their homes. This is getting crazy now when you are not even safe in your own home now. As a country we need stronger laws in the juvenile system to detour these kids from committing these crimes. They know that hardly nothing will happen to them, so they just go out and terrorize anyone that stands in their way. This is happening on a regular basis everyday in Davenport, Iowa also. By this past March there were 157 total cars stolen and some were highjackings with the car owners still in the car. These juveniles are released into the custody of a parent or a family member and barely nothing is done as a punishment to detour them from going out and committing these types of crimes again. They all think it’s a fun game to play, outrageous! Our local news here this morning just talked about two teens that highjacked a car with a 71 year old women in it in Moline,IL. while the women’s granddaughter ran into the gas station. You have to keep your car doors locked at all times now days for fear of anything happening to you while your out getting things done. This world is a scarier place now compared to when I was a young kid. I blame a lot of it on just bad parenting, we have to teach our kids right from wrong more then ever now days.