What In The World Is Happening to Us?

What in the world is happening to us?
Ashley Whitlatch

I found this picture online this morning and it resonated with me. Enough so that I had to get my feelings out and now you can do what you want with them. Enjoy them, hate them, or ignore them. I’m just in one of those moods that makes me want to change the world. Ever have those days? If so, we should chat!

Don’t Be Mean

How on earth are we all still alive? There has to be a reason that people are spouting bible verses, yet doing the opposite of what these same bible verses say. We are killing ourselves, our planet, and our children. I can’t turn on the news on any given day (which I do, rarely) without seeing all the negative in the world. I don’t watch the news when my children (8, 9) are in the room because it’s so depressing and they don’t need those words in their heads.

Don’t even get me started on social media. What was once a way to catch up with old friends is now the way to show the “perfect” in your life. I’ll be the first to say that I don’t necessarily want to post my current living room situation with you because it’s filled with LEGOS, paper, and markers for crafts, and books. Not to mention all the throw blankets and pillows that should be on the couches, but are somehow always on the floor. But, that’s life. Real-life. Not some social media made-to-look-perfect picture that you Instagram when you want to feel the love.

We need to go back to focus on family and love and each other. Each. Other. No more of this perfect all the time BS that we all scroll through and what probably makes us feel inferior (again).

Is there an alternative?

Go back to your family, turn off the computer, take a picture of your messy life, be HONEST with each other and stop making others the bad guys. Yes, we all have our own feelings on the media, politics, and the environment but why do we have to make others feel crappy because of the way that we feel? Why can’t we all just freaking get along?

I know that not one of us on this earth is perfect because we weren’t made to be perfect. We were made to make a difference in the world, to live to the best of our abilities, and look out for one another. Somewhere along the way that stopped happening and I just pray that one day we’ll go back to having respect for one another.

In a nutshell: No one is perfect. Be freaking nice to one another. Have some ice cream with your family.


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  1. Yes! I can’t stand the perfectly perfect perfection that permeates social media! It depresses me lol. I feel like I’ll never live up to that standard. I feel you. We’ve got to be real. Love this 🙂

    1. Thanks, Christy. I think I’d just had enough yesterday and felt like I needed to share my thoughts. Thanks for feeling it. 🙂