Focusing on Everyday Moments in My Life

Focusing on the every day moments instead of waiting for big moments.

Focusing on the every day moments instead of waiting for big moments.

Honesty. I think that’s my word of the day. I have all of these emotions built up in my chest and I’m having the hardest time getting them out in a constructive way. I normally write when I have to get something out, but I’ve struggled with finding the right words lately.

Essentially, I shut down in December. December 2017 is a loss for my business because I basically shut off my computer and hid under the covers with my coloring book and crayons. Not really, but honestly, that’s what I wanted to do. As an adult, we don’t have the option of hiding out as much as we did when we were kids, especially now that some of us have kids of our own. I may not have been online, but I spent my time focusing on my family. I spent more time at school with my kids, more time at home with my family, watching holiday movies, and creating memories.

We got some devastating news at the beginning of December that rocked us and changed our direction. I’m not ready to discuss the news, but it wasn’t unexpected just unwanted. It made us reevaluate how we were spending our time away from work and I knew, for one, that I needed to reassess my goals. So, now that I’ve taken 25 days off it’s time to decide where I’m going.

I know that I’m not the only one out there in the world who may be lost or unfocused or is struggling with personal issues and or work issues. I know this and I hurt for all of us. I have friends who worry that I shouldn’t feel for others and that it will just pull me down further, but I cannot change who I am. That is what makes us who we are and my ability to empathize makes me who I am.

Focusing on the every day moments instead of waiting for big moments.

So as I move into 2018 I do it with an open mind, an open heart, compassion for others, and love for my family. I think that moving my business to a more personal-centric focus is best and my content will be focused more on every day and not the big moments.  I think that’s where I stumbled, by thinking I could only post when I had big moments and by refocusing my perspective I’m reevaluating everything and you’ll see the changes throughout the next few months. I hope you’ll stay on this journey with me and let me know if you need help with your focus.

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