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Grey’s Anatomy Set Experience

During our trip to L.A., we had a chance to stop by the set of Grey’s Anatomy! Not only that, we took a tour led by none other than Jessica Capshaw (@JessicaCapshaw) who plays Dr. Arizona Robbins on the show. I cannot wait for you to see some of the amazing pictures I was able to get while we were walking around. We visited Derek and Meredith’s dream home and even got to see the spinal cord picture and the infamous marriage note framed behind the bed.

We walked through the halls of the ‘hospital’ and even walked by the stairs that we always see when there’s an important speech from one of the administrators. Of course, I took a picture for you. 😉

jcap 1

Pictures from around the Grey’s Anatomy set

greys anatomy building wm

greys anatomy hospital pic 1

grey sloan memorial sign

greys anatomy stairs

merideth and derek spinal cord wm


Not only did we get a chance to walk around on the set, we also had time to interview Props Master Angela Whiting (@GreysProps) and Costume Designer Mimi Melgaard (@MimiMelgaard). We were able to ask questions and they showed us some of their favorite props and outfits from the series. That’s not all! We also sat down with actress Sarah Drew (@SarahDrewGreys), who plays Dr. April Kepner.

Everyone we sat down with was so very nice and helpful. They were truly interested in sharing their part of this long-running show.

The first person I sat down with was Sarah Drew (SarahDrewGreys). She plays Dr. April Kepner on Grey’s Anatomy and looks as if she absolutely loves her role on the show.

sarah drew as april kepner

Interview with Sarah Drew

Sarah was all about the “mommy bloggers” because she has a new movie coming out called Mom’s Night Out, in which she plays a mommy blogger. It was so nice to sit down and talk to her because she was very easy going.  She wanted to let us know that building community is important and that readers are affected and moved by what are said on blogger posts.

What do you like best about being on the show?

I love the people we work with. I enjoy working with Jesse and I love that the writers are incredibly open to giving input. Jesse and I were doing a scene last night with the writer, reading through the scene and you feel a part of the story being told.

What is your favorite storyline?

I know what’s coming and I still cry. I loved the shooter episode and had nightmares for a few days. I had a viewing party and people were gasping and shocked. It was like we were in a different genre, like a thriller. I also loved the flash mob episode. We had so much fun. Oh, and the episode where we find out that April and Jesse are married. The set was epic and I was in a stunning wedding dress. It’s fun to play that stuff.

This is where Justin Chambers and Camilla Luddington joined us!! They stopped by to say hi and get pictures. They also wanted to mention Sarah’s new movie coming out. Once again, they were so extremely nice. Of course, then we told Sarah to go photo bomb Justin and Camilla at the next table.

sara drew



greys props master

Props Master Angela Whiting (@GreysProps)

Who came up with Anatomy Jane?

Shonda Rimes played with an Anatomy Jane as a child and she wanted to recreate the same thing. Essentially, they wanted a barbie with “guts” in it. When it’s on the page you just have to figure out how to bring it to life. We found a company to take a barbie and create the cavity so that we could “create” Anatomy Jane.

greys props

What’s the craziest prop you’ve ever had to create?

Conjoined twins. We had to build a simulations surgery. They wanted to test the surgery, so we had to build a cavity that would be a surgical field. I had to put the anatomy inside the cavity so that they could separate the nerves and everything.

I have a working knowledge of what is needed, but I have no medical training.

tag hauer watch

We got to take a look at Alex’s pager from 2003 and they have to take a picture of items so that they know what items were worn in which episode so that there is continuity if they go back and shoot again. There was even a picture of Tag Hauer watch that was worn by Justin Chambers. Now, he wears a cuff on his wrist instead.

Have you been here since the beginning of the show?

I came in after the pilot episode and I’ve been here ever since.

richard and adele wedding picture

Angela showed us a picture of “Richard and Adele’s” Wedding. It’s the actual wedding picture of James Pickens, Jr. (Dr. Richard Webber) and the actual wedding picture of Loretta Devine (Adele Webber) where they actually fused the two wedding pictures together to make it look like Richard and Adele’s wedding picture. The attention to detail is incredible.

Last but not least, before we left Angela, she showed us the Dr. Mark Sloan props. Melanie from got a bit sentimental and I didn’t think she’d put them back down. But, here’s the picture. 😉

melanie with mark sloan props

greys wardrobe 2

Interview with Costume Designer Mimi Melgaard (@MimiMelgaard)

What do you do with the scrubs after you’ve used them?

We have so many left over that are fine, so we donate them to the L.A. Free Clinic. With high definition we can’t use some of them again, so they are donated at that time. We get the scrubs from Barco and they custom make them for us because the fabric is no longer available. Then I take them, cut them up, and make them flattering. I do the same with hospital gowns. Also, sometimes you are making someone look pregnant or someone that is pregnant, we try to hide the pregnancy.

greys wardrobe 1

How do you find what the characters should wear for dresses (i.e. Prom Episode)?

I have a meeting with Shonda Rhimes and figure out what she wants. For example, Shonda said she wanted a large, ball gown for Izzy for the Prom Episode. She knew what she wanted it to look like and what colors she wanted. I wasn’t sure why she wanted those things specifically. We had the dress custom made and color custom made.  Until I got the script and you see her being carried by Alex and then see her in the bed with Denny.

I loved doing the weddings – eight or nine. We need more babies, I think we’ve only had three babies.

It’s always busy. It never ends. You’re always on your feet. We have such a large cast, I love them all – that it keeps us running. I have a large department and tailor shop.

greys wardrobe 3

greys wardrobe 4

How long have you worked on the show?

I started a little bit more than halfway through the second season.

How many people work for you?

I have about 9 people. It is non-stop. Someone will come into the ER, you’ll see them just for a moment and blood is pouring out. Everyone around them will have to have 3-4 sets of scrubs reading during the filming, the guy laying there will need at least 4 sets of scrubs. They may have them change scrubs or blow dry it, if they can.

What’s your season like?

Season is 10 months. July to end of April. It’s like a choo-choo train, you get on and your riding. Every few days we get the next episode and you take a deep breath and keep moving. It’s fun, especially if you get bored easily.

And last but not least, after we took our set tour, we sat down with Jessica Capshaw.

greys anatomy group picture wm

Interview with Jessica Capshaw

I have to say she had the best shoes on, but I couldn’t get a really good picture. They were these gorgeous heels and they looked like something I’d trip and kill myself in, but they were stunning nonetheless.

What is your favorite episode?

So many good ones. I think the first four years watching and not being a part of it. There was an episode where this girl came into the ER and was impaled her shoulder and her and Patrick and I remember watching and being like “gasp!” It was like the first or second season.

I work with such talented people, and I’ll turn it on and watch a scene that I wasn’t there for and I’m like how incredible are these actors.

Was it strange watching the show and then being a cast member?

Yes! All the anticipation!  First thing I got was my name and I was like ‘Arizona Robbins’ – I’m like, Arizona Robbins? What name is that? I met with Mimi and went to wardrobe and she had a bunch of stuff set out, bedazzled lanyards, decals, and such. Arizona is a pediatric surgeon and I needed something youthful. I was about to walk out and I saw these tennis shoes with wheels on it. I was like she HAS to have these. I took them home and learned to skate that night before taping the next day. The first thing I had to do during filming was enter the scene. It was crazy.

I auditioned for two other parts before I got this part. All I ever wanted to do was be on a great show. We’re offering a one hour respit from whatever your life is. The characters the Shonda creates and enforce have integrity, and are beautiful. It’s exciting to be a part of.

How did you emotionally prepare for the crash?

I was 8 months pregnant when we did the plane crash. I think I was much more emotional for being pregnant. When I came back I worked one day a week, that was my maternity leave. I worked the entire day. All that excitement and hormones to come to work and feel that, it was very challenging.

greys actors group

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What an incredible day! Do you watch Grey’s Anatomy? Who is your favorite character? Be sure to tune in Thursday nights at 9|8c on ABC.

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