Hobo Style Bags Only $4.99

hobo style bags


Hobo Style Bags from Pick Your Plum only $4.99.

  • Whimsical Dragonfly Gray: Purse, Hobo Style (GRAY) – SOLD OUT
  • Butterfly Kisses Pink: Purse, Hobo Style (PINK)
  • Burst of Magical Blue: Purse, Hobo Style (BLUE) – SOLD OUT
  • One of Each – only pink is available

The “Juicy” Details:  Each purse base is approximately 17″ wide and 11″ tall and expands to 8″ deep.  It has zipper closure top; along with an inside zipper pocket for small valuables; PLUS a small side pocket to slip keys, cell phone or picture id.  The strap is approximately 33″ long and 4 1/4″ wide at the top (the smallest width of the strap) and where it connects to the base it is 7 1/4″ wide (the largest width of the strap)…plenty of room to sling over your shoulder for ease and comfort.  Made out of 100% polyester.

Shipping Information:  US Shipping $3.99 / Canada Shipping $14.99.  Pick Your Plum is committed to keeping shipping costs low.  Buying multiple plums with multiple shipping prices…not a problem, one (highest) shipping price will be charged per order. Orders will ship within 10 business days.

Pick up these Hobo Style Bags today at Pick Your Plum.

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