Plastic Containers for Your Creations 63% Off

pick your plum plastic containers


Save 63% on plastic containers for your awesome creations!

  • Macarons are Marvelous: Container, Plastic 2x2x2 – Set of 10
  • Candy is Cool: Container, Plastic 1x1x7 – Set of 10
  • Treats are Terrific: Container, Plastic 3x3x3 – Set of 10
  • Cake is Great: Container, Plastic 4x4x4 – Set of 10

The “Juicy” Details: Each box is FDA food certified and has a clear (crystal clear) plastic film to keep them from scratching. Sold in packages of 10.

Shipping Information:  US Shipping $3.99 / Canada Shipping $8.99.  Pick Your Plum is committed to keeping shipping costs low.  Buying multiple plums with multiple shipping prices…not a problem, one (highest) shipping price will be charged per order. Orders will ship within 10 business days.



Get this deal today at Pick Your Plum.

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