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Have you ever used a coupon? Most of us have, but how long did it take you to clip the coupon? Was it just one coupon or are you a money-saving guru? I think most of us like to save money when we can, but how much work do you put into saving money? Have you tried using Paperless Coupons? Talk about time saver.

Let me tell you my story. Fifteen years ago I was a newlywed and I was the one walking into the grocery store every week with my photo album filled with coupons.  I went to the same store every week and the cashiers all knew who I was and that I’d have all my coupons ready when I checked out. This was before saving with coupons really became popular. It was something I did so that my husband and I could afford to go more places for date night. It was nice to have that little extra in our pockets so that we could go to the movies or out to eat.

Fast forward a few years, careers, and a couple of children. I got off track with my coupon usage and started to pay full price for items that we needed. As a result, we didn’t go out as often or splurge on the extras that we wanted. I finally got back into the swing of things as the kids got a little older, but found that clipping and organizing the coupons took up a big chunk of time. At least an hour or two a week to clip and organize and that’s time I could spend playing with the kids instead of clipping.

Walgreens Paperless Coupons iPhone

Over the past year or so, companies have started to include coupons as a reward card perk. That feature makes it easier for moms to save money without taking away from time spent with family.

I recently started using the Walgreens iPhone application to save money using Paperless Coupons. The app itself was super easy to set up. I already had a Balance Rewards card, so once I downloaded the Walgreens App on my iPhone, I synced my Balance Rewards card. From there, all I had to do was log in via the app or the Walgreen’s website and virtually ‘clip’ my coupons. Walgreens paperless coupons are actually manufacturer eCoupons! Coupons that come in the weekly paper that had to be clipped with scissors can now be clipped with a mouse or on your iPhone. How cool is that?

Walgreens Paperless Coupons Aisle Picture wm

I have a few Walgreens stores in the area, so I chose the one right down the street from my house.  I needed some more shampoo and conditioner, so I took my shopping list and grabbed everything on it and went to the checkout.  The cashier made it easy for me by asking to swipe my card.  I simply scanned the card on the iPhone App to receive my coupon savings. I also had the option of using my Balance Reward card that is on my key chain or enter my phone number in the key pad to use my coupons.  The process was so easy and seamless, especially since I wasn’t trying to keep track of my paper coupons. I have a tendency to forget paper coupons at the bottom of my purse or on the kitchen table, so Walgreens Paperless Coupons have changed my life. Seriously.

als flight deck view

With the money I’ve saved using paperless coupons, the family and I went to lunch at a restaurant on the lake. It’s a unique upscale restaurant that has a  a gorgeous view and the aeronautics theme kept the kids busy. There were maps of the ocean on the floor and the kids thought that was the best thing, where my husband and I enjoyed the view and the delicious food.

als landing famluvstuff2

walgreens paperless coupons als landing

Since we don’t eat out all that often, it was nice to treat ourselves with the special meal. We spent the afternoon having a delicious meal and taking the kids to the movies. Since we’ll be saving more using the paperless coupons, I can see this as a monthly family experience.

Have you used the Walgreens Paperless Coupons yet? Let me know how you use your savings!


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  1. I am so excited about this. I love shopping at Walgreens and grabbing all of their deals but I just haven’t been buying papers and clipping coupons. So this is so awesome for me!

  2. I find that I have less time than usual, especially lately. So anything that will save me even more of the time I don’t have, such as not having to clip coupons even though I miss it, is a big help!

  3. Awesome – I love having easy ways to save money like this. Paperless coupons are awesome.. especially at one of my favorite places — Walgreens! Glad you had a fun family day as well 🙂

  4. What a nice way to spend that saving from coupons! I love getting to eat near the water. I am sure the whole family is behind you now using the Walgreens app and paperless coupons. #client

    1. Absolutely, Andrea! My husband wants to see how much we can save each month without having to “clip” any coupons. We’re making it into a game for the kids, too. 😉