Who Would Have Thought?

Today I got 2 big bags of grapefruit (what was I thinking) and a I’ve had a huge bag of oranges in the fridge for a week (I probably should have eaten those already). Anyway, I finally borrowed a citrus juicer from my MIL and tried it out tonight.  “Wow” is all I can say. What have I been waiting for, the juice was amazing. My kids asked for seconds, and then thirds of the juice.  

Hubby doesn’t really like pulp in his juice, but he still tried it and actually liked the taste. We agreed that it is actually sweeter and more flavorful than the juice you get a the store. I’m thinking that we’ll be getting more local oranges in the near future and making lots of juice. 

I know it isn’t one of those expensive, do-it-all juicers, but it sure did make life easier. I will definitely be purchasing one of my own in the very near future.  You never realize how many oranges and/or grapefruits it actually takes to make enough juice for the family though, my arms sure did have a workout!  

I am still continuing with the life change that I talked about earlier, more fruits, veggies & juices. This journey has taught me that I actually DO feel better when I eat better. Who would have thought. 🙂

This is the juicer I used, the Black & Decker HJ30 Handy Citrus Juicer. Look at that – only $14.99 and I’ve been racking up my SuperPoints and SwagBucks so this will be free. Did I tell you that I LOVE FREE!

Much love. xo

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