Two Years and Counting

Today is my baby’s 2ND birthday! We woke her up by singing the Birthday Song and have been singing it all day. Um, she’s not so into the Birthday Song. She would rather sing the theme song to the Wonder Pets. Either way, we’ve been singing all day. 
I went by the party store this morning and bought her a Hello Kitty balloon. I walked in the door and she started jumping up and down and yelling “Hello Kitty, Hello Kitty”. It was so cute. She has held on to the balloon all day so that every picture I’ve taken of her has the balloon in it. That’s okay because it may be the best two dollars I’ve ever spent. So worth the trip to the party store.
Let’s see, we had cake at 11 this morning, then they had lunch at 12. I figured you are only two once and should have dessert first (I am trying to teach her this at a young age).  Needless to say, I haven’t really stuck with the fruit/veggie/juice today. Tomorrow is another day.
Here’s a picture of the Birthday Girl!
2nd Birthday
I hope everyone is having a wonderful Monday. 
Much love. xo

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