How Wool Dryer Balls Changed My Life

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Little Lamb Soap Nuts and Wool Dryer Balls

First, let me say that it only took 15 minutes for a load of dark clothes to dry when I used 4 Little Lamb 100% Organic Wool Dryer Balls. 15 minutes on LOW! This is my first time using Wool Dryer Balls instead of my usual dryer sheet and I am beyond impressed.

I opened the bag of Little Lamb Soap Nuts and read the directions on the back. There is a smaller fabric bag inside the 1.1 pound bag and a sealed plastic bag of soap berries. The instructions seemed easy enough, so I grabbed three soap nuts and the smaller bag. I then placed the three berries into the smaller bag and took a heavy drinking glass and pounded the top of the bag (to crush the berries up a bit). I ran the bag under hot water for about 5-10 seconds to activate the berries and then just threw them in my wash with the clothes.

It was so easy, and the best part? That same bag can be thrown in the dryer too and just be reused again and again. I’ll have to let you know how many washes that same bag of soap berries lasts for, but the bag says that the entire 1.1 pound bag will last 100’s of wash loads.
I just keep thinking about how much money I’m saving by using these instead of traditional wash detergent. Plus, it is natural and I want to use more natural products around my children.

wool-dryer-ballsNow, let’s get back to the Wool Dryer Balls. Like I said earlier, I am more than impressed with the drying time. I threw four Little Lamb Wool Dryer Balls in with my load of dark clothes and before I knew it they were dry. I have to dry my husband’s work clothes on the low dryer setting and we usually have to run the dryer two times for the loads to dry completely. I didn’t have to do that this time because the total dry time was only 15 minutes. The instructions written on the bag of dryer balls says to place 3 to 6 loose Wool Dryer Balls into the dryer with your laundry.

I’m most definitely a convert. I won’t be buying dryer sheets again. I only have to pay the one price for dryer balls and they last 100’s of loads. Seems like an easy decision for me.

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