I Had an Incredible Time at Pixar Animation Studios!


Pixar Animation Studios

I Visited Pixar

When we were in San Francisco earlier this month for the INCREDIBLES 2 Event we stopped by Pixar Animation Studios. When we arrived at the campus I saw the Pixar Luxo Lamp and yellow Ball and reverted to my younger self. Let’s just say that I had plenty of photos to choose from for this post. But, I wasn’t the only one. I believe all 25 of us on the trip felt the same way when we walked onto the Pixar campus.

Toy Story was Pixar’s first film in 1995. Fun Fact: 95 is Lighting McQueen’s number. Coincidence? I think not.

Steve Jobs Building at Pixar

Pixar moved to their 16-acre Emeryville Headquarters in 2000 and created The Steve Jobs Building. Steve Jobs wanted to be influenced by the outside work and influenced by the people you work with. He wanted to create places where you have conversations. The employees refer to the front of the building as the ‘town square’, where you run into people. It’s conducive to business rather than speaking over email. Everything is set up to get you out of your office.

The restrooms, cafe, mailroom, and kitchen aren’t in the same places as the offices. Meaning: you have to get out of your office to be influenced by things around you. Just.Wow. How insightful is that? Because it’s true. Even those of us that work from home could learn a little something about getting out of our office. There are long tables and smaller tables set up in the ‘town square’ along with some couches and chairs so that you can go down there, meet up with others, and collaborate.

This is the building where it all happens. Every part of the film being made is all done in this building. Every little thing for every film is in this building.

Incredibles 2 Pixar
Photo credit: Pixar

Inside The Steve Jobs Building

When we finally made it inside, after all of our outdoor picture taking, we walked into the atrium, filled with the tables and life-size characters. Just past the staircase on your left is the cafe, on your right is the Pixar store, mailroom, and seating area. Straight ahead is the artwork seen in the picture above and more seating areas, beyond that is the theater. Upstairs you’ll find the offices and the art galleries. That’s the quick overview of what I saw when I walked in. Take a look at some of the fun images.

Incredibles 2 Jack Jack INCREDIBLES 2 Dash and Elastigirl Pixar Incredibles 2 Incredibles 2 Artwork

Exercise on Campus

There’s a gym, a pool, and basketball court on the Pixar campus to burn off excess energy.

I Created a Super!

We sat down with Alonzo Martinez, Costume Designer for INCREDIBLES 2 and he walked us through creating our own SUPER! Nothing was off limits and it was like being back in Kindergarten because we had our friends, some glue sticks, scissors, and colored paper. We created collages using different shapes, opening our mind and thinking outside of the box. Basic shapes to get a general idea of what our Super should look like and what their superpower will be.

I will tell you this – I don’t have an artistic bone in my body, but my Super makes a mean tuna casserole in her awesome superhero costume. My daughter is already planning a super creating party just for us.

I found a peaceful spot to think

No words needed.

Pixar Animation Studios 

We couldn’t let those stairs go to waste!

INCREDIBLES 2 opens June 15, 2108

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