INCREDIBLES 2 Art Gallery at Pixar Animation Studios


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Incredibles 2 Art Gallery at Pixar Animation Studios


The INCREDIBLES 2 Art Gallery at Pixar Animation Studios was all that and a bag of chips. Honestly, I learned so much about the Pixar film-making process in just the couple of days I visited. There was an astounding amount of information given throughout the tour, but I want to share some of the fun facts and show you the incredible (ha!) pictures featured in the Art Gallery.

Normally you will find a color script on the upper wall and it can be seen from the atrium. With a color script, you can see the tone or emotion of the entire film arc at one time. But, INCREDIBLES 2 does not have a completed color script on the wall because a year was taken off the production schedule! Instead, there is a collage of lighting stills from the film. In the lighting still, we see how the light hits the characters and the buildings and how the light moves. It was incredible.

In the picture below, you will see the artwork I’m speaking of on the second floor. There’s a fun INCREDIBLES 2 piece of art on the first floor, as well. Don’t miss the life-sized INCREDIBLES along with Buzz and Woody.

Incredibles 2 Art Gallery at Pixar Animation Studios

Incredibles 2 Art Gallery at Pixar Animation Studios

INCREDIBLES 2 picks up right where the original INCREDIBLES movie left off. You may want to watch it again before seeing INCREDIBLES 2 so that you’re on board with what’s happening.

Parr Home

Fun fact: The first version of The Parr’s new house was a 2300 square foot mid-century modern house. It was homey and they changed it to this really crazy mansion because they wanted to create additional tension. The final version is actually the third variation of the Parr home!

The 2300 square foot house still exists in the movie because each creation takes so long to make (i.e. every blanket, home, person, article of clothing has to be created for the film) that they reuse or recycle as much as they can. If you watch the homes in the movie, this one will show up eventually. Even characters that were created and not used ultimately may be recycled into other characters.

Incredibles 2 Art Gallery at Pixar Animation Studios

INCREDIBLES 2 Characters


The character portrait of Violet is by Bryn Imagire. Technology has changed since INCREDIBLES and because of the changes, there is a smoother look to the characters since the first film. Dash’s freckles are more pronounced, Violet’s hair is smoother, among other things. When you watch the film, you’ll notice the improvement from the animation of 14 years ago.

Winston and Evelyn Deavor

Brother-Sister duo, Winston and Evelyn Deavor are introduced in INCREDIBLES 2 and have a telecommunications company in this tall HQ building (in the center of the picture below). It’s meant to look like poker chips piled up. Take that for what you will.

In the image below, we see Elastigirl on her new Elasticycle. This thing is awesome. If you ever have an issue with rush hour, you may want one too.

Incredibles 2 Art Gallery at Pixar Animation Studios

Hmmm…could those be villains?


INCREDIBLES 2 Art Gallery at Pixar Animation Studios

Incredibles 2 Art Gallery at Pixar Animation Studios

A trip to the INCREDIBLES 2 Art Gallery would not be complete without Edna Mode, Darling.


These movies take a very long time to create from start to finish. The stories live in the storyboard for years. It starts as a script, then they storyboard sequences. You can see the jest of it by looking at the storyboard. Someone has to make each of the items that go into the film. You don’t want to make the changes in the computer vs. storyboard because storyboards are easier to change. Once a sequence has been greenlit, then it goes into the computer, and the animation, simulations, effects, etc. Animation sees such a small part of it, but we animate at 24 frames per second.[/caption]

There are two art galleries on the upper level of the Pixar Animation Studios Steve Jobs Building. Right now, artwork for Coco is on one side, while INCREDIBLES 2 is on the opposite side. The artwork is changed when each film comes out – Toy Story 4 is next film and they will replace the Coco artwork and change that side out to the new film’s artwork.

INCREDIBLES 2 opens June 15, 2018

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