Joss Whedon Shares SPOILER in Exclusive Interview #AvengersEvent

Joss Whedon Photo Credit: Louise Bishop
Joss Whedon Photo Credit: Louise Bishop

Avengers: Age of Ultron Spoiler

When we were interviewing Joss Whedon for the Avengers: Age of Ultron Event, he shared a spoiler. Although, since we had already seen the film before the interview, we knew it was a big spoiler. Now that the movie has been released, I am free to share the spoiler will y’all.

Quicksilver Photo Credit: MARVEL
Quicksilver Photo Credit: MARVEL

You said that Aaron’s too pretty to live. Did you have another version where Quicksilver survives?

The first meeting I had with him [Aaron Taylor-Johnson], I said this is my plan but we always were ready for the idea that the Disney brass would come down and say, excuse us.  [LAUGHS]  Please leave the beautiful man in the franchise movie.  Uh, no. But it became clear certainly after we shot it, how well it worked, so then it was just my job to spend the entire movie trying to convince everyone that Hawkeye was definitely going to die, and that turned into a really fun game.

Because I played every trope.  Every, oh, look, we’re not all going to make it through this and we cut to him looking at his family and I’m just like, how many ways can I be, oh, he’s safe.  He’s on the, oh, he has to get off the boat.  And I just wanted to pull the switch out so that was the plan, but we did sort of keep it in our pockets.  We’re like maybe we’ll have to do a take backsies, but then he got shot a lot of times.

We didn’t see Gravestone at the end and we all know what that means in Marvel.

Oh, that’s true.

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