Selfish or Considerate? Which are you?


You know, today was the freaking last straw. I know that people are selfish and truly only care about themselves sometimes. There is a time and a place to be selfish, but harming others because of your inconsiderate selfishness is just too much. Seriously.

I’m a severe asthmatic, and long story condensed to one sentence is: I can’t be around cigarette smoke AT ALL because I will have an asthma attack that may send me to the hospital. Now, that is not the issue. Well, maybe it’s a back burner issue, but we’ll get to that.

I live in a building that has units attached to hallways. Normal sized hallways that offer just enough room for doors across from each other to open and still have some room in between. With me so far? New neighbors moved in across the hall this weekend and have turned the normal sized hallway into their patio/living room/smoking area. You’re starting to see my issue, right?

#1. Setting up your furniture in the hallway is an eyesore, is against fire code, and is just damn inconsiderate of families living adjacent to said hallway.

#2. The new neighbors and their friends sit on their “patio furniture” and smoke and drink and laugh and yell until all hours of the night. Yes, there is a noise ordinance after 11pm.

I came home from the store today, with my two small children in tow, to a packed hallway of smokers. Meaning I had to stand in said smoke until I could unlock my door and get my kids safely inside. I KNOW smoking does not bother everyone and that it’s my issue, but my children should not be subjected to second hand smoke from ANYONE.

All I ask is that you are considerate of others, every day. Just a little consideration goes a very long way.

What would you do in this situation?

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