Kid Basix Safe Sporter Review

Kid Basix Safe Sporter

I am always trying to make sure my kids drink enough water and juice during the day. They are always running around and playing and I want to make sure that they stay hydrated. The Kid Basix Safe Sporter lets them do just that. The top pull spout closes tightly and there is a mud cap that covers the top of the Safe Sporter so that dirt doesn’t get in while they are playing. That is awesome because, to be honest, who likes dirt in their water?

Kid Basix Safe Sporter

One of the easiest ways to save is to replace your bottled water with reusable, easy to recycle stainless steel water bottles. That’s what Kid Basix is doing. They are revolutionizing the water bottle industry by creating stainless steel water bottles using food grade stainless steel. They have no BPA and no phthalates. Kid Basix offers The Safe Starter baby bottle, The Safe Sippy and The Safe Sippy 2 as well as the product my kids tried, The Safe Sporter.

I chose the 12 ounce Safe Sporter for each of my kids. Pink for my daughter and the red for my son and they feel so grown up with the stainless steel. Their little hands don’t get cold while holding the Safe Sporter because they have a sleeve around the middle to hold onto.  I was worried that the mud cap would get in their way while they were drinking their water, but that isn’t the case at all. The mud cap flips completely away from the top of the Safe Sporter so that it doesn’t impede their drinking at all. I don’t even think they notice it is there.

My kids have decided that this is the best “juice cup” they’ve ever had and are always wanting to use theirs! I appreciate the philosophy behind Kid Basix and their goal of moving everyone from plastic water bottles to stainless steel. I will definitely be investing in a few more of the Safe Sporters for the kids and one for me and the hubby.

Disclosure: I received two Safe Sporters from Kid Basix in exchange for my honest review. I received no additional compensation. All opinions are completely my own and my differ from your opinions. 

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