Pictures of My Nephew Jake

I’ve been thinking a lot about my nephew, Jake. If you missed the story in my previous post, you can read it here. I keep looking at his pictures and still can’t believe he’s actually gone. I wanted to share some pictures of my nephew and you too will see why it is beyond comprehension how someone could have hurt him. He was so sweet and loving. No child should ever have to endure what he went through at the hands of someone who was supposed to protect him.

My nephew Jake.

We love you Jakers. xo

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  1. Such a cutie, he looks like a sweet little loving boy. Such a heartbreaking situation. I pray that justice has been served for his abuser, and that your family is coming to peace with your loss. Thank you for sharing your story, I hope it gets around and helps another child who might be in the same situation.

    1. Thank you for your kind words, Stephanie. Jake is truly missed and was a special part of our lives. We are still awaiting justice, but praying that it will come in time. -Sherry