Little Pim Review: Teach Your Children a Foreign Language

Little Pim Review: Teach Your Child a Foreign Language

Teach Your Children a Foreign Language with Little Pim

A little snippet from their website:

Little Pim is the brainchild of Julia Pimsleur Levine, an award-winning documentary filmmaker and mother. Julia was inspired by her own bilingual childhood; she learned French fluently by age six and is the daughter of Dr. Paul Pimsleur, who created the Pimsleur Method, the popular language learning program for adults.

The Entertainment Immersion Method® integrates the latest scientific research regarding kids’ language learning and brain development. Pimsleur Levine developed the series with leading neuroscientist Dr. April Benasich, director of the Rutgers Infancy Studies Lab.

Each of our educational DVDs has a unique, child-friendly theme, such as eating, playtime and feelings. The method teaches 360 words and phrases, providing the essential building blocks for language learning. A child only needs 500 words to be considered “conversational” in a language. Babies, toddlers and kids respond enthusiastically to Little Pim’s format, which combines animated and live-action videos.

At Little Pim, we understand how children learn, so our videos are segmented into 5-minute episodes to accommodate a young child’s attention span. Simple sentences are broken down into easy-to-understand parts and reinforced through repetition by native speakers.

Little Pim Review

I remember a little from my Spanish classes in high school and decided I would try the Spanish language set for the kids. I received the Little Pim Spanish Intro Gift Set with Book to review.


  • 1 Spanish DVD (eating and drinking)
  • – 1 book (Colors)- Spanish Bop music CD featuring Dan Zanes and Milkshake
  • – 9″ velvety soft plush Little Pim panda
  • – Fun, see-through Little Pim tote bag

The kids love reading the book as Little Pim looks for balloons. They have fun answering the questions such as “which of these items are blue” since they have to flip the picture to find out if they are correct. They enjoy holding the Little Pim Panda as they watch the DVD, my daughter even talks to him and tells Little Pim that she’s watching him on the TV. It really is cute that she has made this connection, all the while learning Spanish.

Speaking of the DVD, the kids have picked up new Spanish words since the DVD is entirely in Spanish. The parent can include English subtitles in the video so that they understand what is being said. The video uses real children, as well as Little Pim to teach children Spanish words. The video I reviewed is Disc 1: Eating and Drinking, so it has words like milk and bananas. It really builds a foundation for children who are small to learn a second language.

I would definitely recommend the Little Pim series to parents of small children. It is so much easier for kids to learn a second language when they are younger, so start them early.

Disclosure: I received this item for review purposes only. All opinions are 100% my own.

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