Picture Keeper Review and MailPix Offer

picture keeper

The Picture Keeper

You’re thinking, it’s another USB. Well, yes and no. It is so much more! Let me introduce you to the Picture Keeper. I received a little box in the mail earlier this week and the Picture Keeper was inside. Take a look at the picture to see how small it is!

I take a ton of pictures of my kids and I’m horrible about actually downloading them or backing them up anywhere. That’s why I was happy to have the chance to review this item.

I plugged the Picture Keeper into my USB port on my computer and it did all the work. I clicked a few buttons to start the backup and it found all my photos and then it archived them in the order I’d already organized them. It only took a few minutes and it was done with backing up 2,000 pictures. I have so many more that need to be backed up too, so I will definitely be getting another Picture Keeper.

The best part is that with each Picture Keeper, it only downloads the new pictures and it doesn’t duplicate. Just one less thing I have to worry about remembering.

Good News! You will get the Picture Keeper FREE with any purchase on MailPix.com! Once you’ve completed your order, you will receive a unique code on your confirmation email. Simply click the code and you will be able to order a free Picture Keeper ($30 value) that holds 4,000 photos (you will be required to pay a nominal shipping charge).

Disclosure: I received this item for review purposes only. All opinions are 100% my own.

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  1. This looks and sounds so cool! I am awful about taking tons of pics and then never doing anything with them because of the time it takes! With this, it sounds like it does all the work for you! Super cool!!

    1. It really does, Jenni. Super-easy to use and free with purchase makes it that much better!

    1. It’s great, Mitzi! I’m definitely getting another one, especially since they are free right now.