Irish Food and Music at Raglan Road Pub in Orlando!

Raglan Road Disney Springs

Thank you to Raglan Road for providing this experience. All opinions are my own. 
Raglan Road Irish Food and Entertainment

Raglan Road at Disney Springs

Just the other day my daughter and I had a girls’ adventure where we went to Disney Springs and enjoyed a fantastic dinner and entertainment at Raglan Road. I’ve always had a love of anything Irish, from food to drinks, to castles. Here’s to hoping one day I’ll find myself taking pictures of the castles in Ireland. Until then, there’s a fun restaurant in Disney Springs that fits the bill when it comes to authentic Irish food and entertainment.

When the building was first constructed, all the building materials were brought from Ireland and even now, all the entertainers are from Ireland, except the one Scotish musician wearing a kilt who performed when we were there. I actually felt like I had walked into a pub in Ireland when the dancers and performers, even the managers, stopped to talk with us because most had an Irish accent. My 7-year-old would look at me when she heard their Irish brogue because she couldn’t understand what they were saying, but she was all smiles.

Authentic Irish Food and Drinks

Raglan Road takes a lot of pride in offering authentic Irish food and drinks to their patrons. We tried a variety of upcoming menu items, as well as the current dinner items from the menu. I’ve always been a fan of bangers and mash and Raglan Road offers a Bangerz & Booz that is out of this world. Picture this: Guinness & onion banger on mash topped with caramelized onions & beef stew. I rest my case. It was so much food that I took home my leftovers, but my hubby grabbed the bag and ate it before I could even argue. He agrees that it’s the best Bangers and Mash ever.


Looking for a good beer? These four beers are brewed exclusively for Raglan Road and are only available there. The second one from the left is my favorite and it is their newest brew. It’s called the Blagger (which actually means someone who gets something they want by lying to people in a clever way). It’s an organic blonde lager and is light and not bitter, smooth and easy to drink. They were all good, but that was by far my favorite. So – try it!

Raglan Road Disney Springs


The kids’ meal portions were large and my daughter enjoyed the Gold’n Chicken, which is two deep-fried chicken goujons (chicken fingers) and their choice of side. She chose the Irish chips which were the fries, but there were so many choices that she took a bit to decide. It’s always nice to have so many choices, especially when we’re talking about meals for kids.

I snapped a few pictures of what everyone else ordered. You can see that these are some delicious looking meals and served in large portions.

We tried a few items that aren’t available on the dinner menu yet, but when they hit the menu they’re sure to be a hit. My daughter actually loved both items and she may have stolen more than a few bites of mine after she finished hers.

The Scallop and Gnocchi dish is delicate and packed with flavor. This was my daughter’s first time trying scallops and she was in love. She’s been asking for more ever since. Now, to schedule a time to go back and take the family! Oh, and I have to tell you about the edible flowers – they were on the scallop dish and one of the desserts we tried. My daughter could have just sat there an eaten the edible flowers all day. She went crazy over them. Me, I thought they were a lovely touch to the dishes.

The Wild Boar burgers were delicious and so juicy! I wasn’t sure what to expect with wild boar, but I was pleasantly surprised that it had so much flavor but wasn’t gamey. A must have once it’s on the dinner menu, I guarantee!

Irish Entertainment

After we ordered our food and while we ate, we also enjoyed watching the Rhythms of Raglan Show. A group of musicians played while the Irish dancers did what they do best – dance. It was so much fun watching the musicians and the dancers and they encouraged crowd participation. That made it even more fun!

It was such a fun and exciting afteroon at Raglan Road. My daughter and I loved the food and the entertainment. I can’t wait to bring the whole family back to experience it. So many great memories and I recommend the Bangerz & Booz!

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  1. This is definitely a place,I know me and my husband would love to visit! The Beer,which my loves to drink and the food & the entertainment for us both! I’ve been to Orlando before,but I;ve always said I wanted to go back!