Saving Memories with Photo Books and Groupon


Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Groupon. All opinions are completely my own. 


Saving Memories

Don’t tell anyone but I’m a photo hoarder. I have photos everywhere, even from way back when we would mail our film for processing and it came back in the mail weeks later. You know, before digital cameras or phone cameras made it easy to see the pictures you took or if you needed to change the camera angle. Back then we would send off the film, wait by the mailbox, and then find out we cut someone’s head off in the picture. Oops!

Now, we’re always taking pictures and I’ve become a photo book hoarder now. All my pictures are now organized in books, usually organized by year, grade, or vacation. It really makes my life a bit less hectic because they are all in one place. I’ve also found that my friends and family like receiving these photo books for Christmas or as a reminder of places we’ve visited together, so I’m always looking for good deals.


Save on Shutterfly with Groupon

Whether it be photo books, coffee mugs, or magnets there is always something unique I can pick up and personalize with Shutterfly and save money by going through Groupon. So many great ideas and gifts. My son even made my daughter her own photo book for her birthday a few years ago. He found some of her favorite pictures and created a story around them. To this day it is still one of her favorite books.

The book pictured here was from our family vacation to North Carolina in 2013. It was the perfect vacation and we had a fabulous time and I have this beautiful photo book to remember it by. What is your favorite way to save memories?


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