So..I’m still alive

From Monday night at 5 PM to Tuesday night at 5 PM, my hubby at I went on a fruit, veggie and juice “fast”. I’m still alive and it wasn’t as bad as my hubby thought it would be; we’ve even continued with a modified version this morning.

One of the reasons we wanted to try this “fast” in the first place is my asthma. Nothing helps. I’ve tried just about every medicine and/or herbal remedy. The closest thing I’ve found to helping is acupuncture and that has been a godsend, just not long lasting in the relief category. We thought that if we started with just 24 hours of nothing but fruits, veggies and juice that would be the start of something greater.  

I think that it has been, especially now that hubby wants to continue with the modified version of eggs with fruit/juice in the morning and nothing but fruits, veggies and juice until dinner and then something healthy. 

I really think the fruits and veggies have helped me feel better.  I just don’t feel 100% yet and I’m hoping that it’s just a cold and not the fruits and veggies. I’m sure it’s not.  Give me a couple more days to get over this cold and I’ll know for sure if this is something positive.  

I believe that it is and hope that you will follow me on this journey.

Much love. xo

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