The Best Stain Removal Tips #MomsCheckIn

Best Stain Removal Tips

Do your kids end up with unidentifiable stains? My kids get food stains, grass stains, and the ever present mud-pie stains.  What are the best ways to treat the laundry stains? This week, Moms Check In is all about sharing our best stain removal tips and we want to hear about yours!


My best tip, and one I’ve learned the hard way (multiple times – I’m a slow learner) is to make sure the stain came out in the wash before you put the garment in the dryer. Once you dry it, it’s kind of set in there and really hard, if not impossible, to get out.

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Oh my word I am the one that needs tips. Never buy white shirts? Eat with a bib? Hope for the best? I have learned over many ruined clothes to look for stains and pre-treat them, check pockets twice for tissues and use good quality cleaning products.

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I pre-treat everything that needs it, but if it’s going to be awhile before it gets in the washer…I keep a small pail with a lid filled with water and stain remover or detergent. That way it doesn’t dry out on me before I can get the stain out. Once the stain dries, you’re in trouble!! I also keep an old toothbrush in the laundry room to scrub out any gunk!

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Cold water! As soon as you can with a stain get it in some cold water and use a little stain remover. Hot or even very warm water can set the stain.

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I’m the mom of two non-stop kids, one who likes to make mud pies and one that likes to wear her food. Both together give me a run for my money on dirty laundry. So, what do I do at the end of the day when their clothes are covered in stains? My best laundry stain removal tips are relatively simple, because I like easy. My first tip is to put a stain-treating spray on it as soon as you can. Even if you aren’t going to wash the clothes that day, put the stain-treating spray on it first and leave it until you’re ready to wash. My next tip is to soak the clothes for a few minutes in the washing machine. Most washing machines have a Pre-Wash or Soak setting and that’s what I’d do after pre-treating the stain and before running through the regular wash cycle. I have a few more tricks up my sleeve, but these are my go-to favorite tips for battling the laundry stains.

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