Whip Up Imagination with Creative Café Barista Bar #AD

I was invited to write about Creative Café Barista Bar by  ShopHer Media Influencer Marketing Agency. All opinions are my own.

Back in the late 90’s you would have found me behind a Barista bar whipping up frothy concoctions for coffeehouse customers. Fast forward twenty years and I make my coffee at home, with help from my children.

Creative Café Barista Bar

My daughter started her love of coffee around the age of 5. She would grab a spoon out of the silverware drawer and the creamer out of the fridge so that when I poured my cup of coffee she could “fix” it for me. Now, she’s 8 years old and makes coffee for me every morning. She likes when we make hot chocolate, too so that she can add whipped cream and sprinkles because you know a hot drink isn’t complete without both.

When I found the Creative Café Barista Bar I knew that it would spark my daughter’s imagination. She can channel her inner Barista and make customized coffee-free latte drinks just like the grown-up coffees at our local coffee shops. The Barista Bar comes with everything needed to make frothy drinks for their “customers” (i.e. mom and dad). 

How does it work?

Included are lots of different recipes to choose from, but kids can also make their own recipes to wow their friends. They’ll mix the powder with milk or milk alternatives and froth just by pulling the lever down. No worries, it’s kid safe with NO HEAT! It’s like a real milk steamer without the heat. It also comes with stencils so kids can create fun designs with powder and syrups.

I think the Creative Café Barista Bar would be the perfect gift for your creative kids! Visit Creative Café Barista Bar to learn more and buy one for the holidays. 

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