You’re A Winner: A Post About Giveaways

A few of you told me that you haven’t won anything from blog giveaways, but some of you have been lucky enough to win some awesome prizes. Fortunately, I have been one of the lucky ones!  I am here to tell you that winners actually exist and that, yes, you too could be a winner.

I started blogging full-force in February of this year and that was also when I started to enter a lot of blog giveaways. I figured since I was online blogging and trying to build my network, I would enter a few contests. I was so excited when I won my first giveaway, and then my second and so on and so forth. I have yet to win a HUGE giveaway or even money, but I’m still working on it!

I want to share with you some of the items I’ve won in the past few months so that you know it is possible to actually win a giveaway.

My first win was a February Giveaway Hop from Chubby Cheeks Thinks. I won a Hallmark Blooming Expressions Flower and a Hallmark Recordable Book for my children. After I won that, I wanted to win more prizes. I really got a rush from getting that “You’re a Winner!” email. It was fun.


Here’s a partial list of my winnings.


This is not a complete list, as I know I left out any prizes that the sponsor did not follow through on sending. The list looks a lot longer now that I’ve actually typed everything out. Not bad for about 3 months time.  Now, mind you, I do not spend all day entering contests. I have two toddlers at home and I have my own blog posts to write and giveaways to host.

I normally spend an evening every 2-3 weeks finding and entering contests. It gives my brain a break from writing, typing, life…and affords me the opportunity to win something that I either want for myself or my children.  I would say I’ve never won anything for my hubby, but he ate most of the Simply7 snacks.

Was it worth it to enter every giveaway? I only enter giveaways that have a product I would like to have or that I would like to share. I think I’ve probably entered hundreds of contests in the last 3 months, but I think this is a pretty good result of a few hours of  “work”.

So, for those that think they will never win, never say never. The odds are in your favor if you enter enough giveaways. I’ve only spent a few evenings over the last three months entering giveaways and this is what I’ve gotten. I started having giveaways because I knew how excited I got when I won and I wanted someone else to feel the same way. Getting that email confirmation back from a winner saying that I’ve made their day is one of the best feelings. It feels a lot like when I get an email saying I’m the winner of a giveaway, maybe even better because you are “paying it forward” and making someone else happy. 

Over all other things, remember that this is for fun! There should be no drama. Don’t get upset if you don’t win, unless it’s the COACH or Louis Vuitton giveaways (I’d get upset, too!). Just know that there are always lots of giveaways going on out in blogger-land and I will do my best to share the contests I find with you.  

I hope you get the “You’re a Winner!” email soon.

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  1. I’ve won a lot. Blog giveaways just have so much better odds than the giveaways you see on magazines or the large sweepstakes put on by big companies.

  2. You gave me the idea to write a post about all the prizes I’ve won! Haha. I’ve been entering blog giveaways since November 2010. The biggest prize I won was a Step2 Kitchen in March 2011. I waited til Christmas to give it to my daughter. It’s AWESOME.

    However, since blog giveaways are getting more and more of an audience, my “You’re a winner” e-mails have decreased from every day to once every few weeks. As a blogger, that’s great. As an entrant, that’s bad. 😛

    Hope you had a fabulous Mother’s Day!