Zipz Interchangeable Shoes Review

Disclosure: I received Zipz shoes in exchange for my honest opinion. All opinions are completely my own.
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Zipz Interchangeable Shoes

You all know how I went to California for the #DisneyPlanesEvent last month. We’ll one of the things I took with me was this cute pair of Zipz Interchangeable shoes! Not really one pair of shoes, but 2 pairs in 1. How cool is that?

ZIPZ® Shoes are removable and interchangeable shoes, like nothing you’ve owned before! Simply match any ZIPZ® COVERS with any same size ZIPZ® SOULS to create one of-a-kind mix and match shoes.

I chose the Love Child cover and it came with the red cover so I could change them out depending on my outfit. I also opted to get the slip-ons versus the lace-ups because I wore them during my travels. I figured it would be easier to slip these shoes off for security at the airport than having to deal with laces. I definitely made the right decision! I just slipped them off for security and slipped them right back on after I got through screening. Plus, I ended up with two pairs of shoes when I got to California without actually having to pack two pairs of shoes! The covers themselves took up very little room in my suitcase.

I wore the Zipz during my trip, but didn’t get any great pictures of them on my feet. Sorry about that! Just know that they go great with short or a pair of jeans. They are truly comfortable and easy to walk around in. They are like the perfect pair of slip on shoes. Now, I need to try out the lace ups. I’m thinking of something like the sparkly Supermodel cover. Wouldn’t they be adorable!

They have some great patterns to choose from and you can get custom Zipz as well. Check them out on the main Zipz site. Plus, you can also get Zipz at and

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