Captain America: Civil War Movie Review #CaptainAmericaCivilWar

Disclosure: I attended a screening of Captain America: Civil War to facilitate my review. All opinions are completely my own.
civil war divided we fall

Captain America: Civil War Opens Today

Fan-freaking-tastic. That was my first response when someone asked how I liked the film. Let me tell you just a bit more.

Stunning, gripping, and quite possibly the best movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe line-up. With a star-studded cast and incredible cinematography, Captain America: Civil War is a film not to be missed. As I have not read the comics, I am basing my opinion solely on the storytelling in the movies.

While there may be stronger language in this film, I think it has as many, if not more, humorous moments than Captain America: Winter Soldier. The push and pull between Team Cap and Team Iron Man is palpable throughout the entire film and I found myself swaying between the two. I know which way I ended, but that’s definitely something that you’ll want to decide for yourself.

Civil War is action-packed from the get-go and doesn’t stop. Tons of fight sequences and car chases, along with gun fights and hand-to-hand combat scenes make it so you won’t want to move from your seat. Trust me on this. The Russo brothers are at the top of their game with this one and the actors have stepped up to the challenge. From Chris Evans to Robert Downey, Jr. they are bringing their A-game. Not to mention the addition of Spider-Man and Ant-Man to the Avenger battles. They add some additional comic relief within the tense Team Cap/Team Iron Man battles.

5 Reasons to See Captain America: Civil War in Theaters

  • Amazing car and motorcycle chases are so exciting to watch and they filmed them flawlessly.
  • Humor – especially between Steve, Sam, and Bucky.
  • Fight scenes are incredible. I’m sure so much work went into the fight choreography.
  • Camaraderie between the characters. If you’ve watched the other Avengers films then you know just how well they all work together and how it comes across on screen.
  • Nail-biting story line that could go either way and keeps you engaged.

Oh! Don’t move from that seat after the movie is over. There are two bonus features during and after the credits. You’re welcome. 🙂

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