15 More Creative Writing Prompts for Kids

15 more creative writing prompts for kids

15 More Creative Writing Prompts for Kids

As you read in my Summer Morning Routine for Kids post, I have my kids writing every morning in their composition books. They have been very receptive to this creative writing project and they’ll ask for their prompt or question of the morning before I can even wake up enough to grab my coffee.

They’re excited to create a story to share with us and their sibling. You’ll even find them complimenting each other on what they wrote. I’d say that’s a win-win for Summer creativity!

Here’s the first list of 15 Writing Prompts for Kids. Now, I’m sharing the second list of 15 writing prompts in case you need some inspiration.

15 More Creative Writing Prompts for Kids

15 Writing Prompts Printable PDF 

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