Levitating Air-Floating Planter Adds Whimsy to Home Decor #2019HolidayGuide

Air Levitating Planter

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Magnetic-Floating Planter

Levitating Air-Floating Planter

I was taking care of a 5-year-old the other day and his first question was how does that planter float? It’s magic! Not technically, but for a 5-year-old that was the answer he accepted. This levitating air-floating planter is unique because it does a few things: it is relaxing, it’s a functional planter, and it’s a conversation piece. 

Levitating Planter


This Fantasy Collection Levitation Air-Floating Bonsai Pot is a best seller, and I can see why. It doesn’t take up much space and once you have it set up, it remains suspended in the air. It is a fun way to add more plants to your home and while the classic plant would be a bonsai tree, you can plant virtually anything. I planted a small succulent because I liked how it looked rotating. The planter rotates a full 360-degrees about .8 inches off the base when plugged into a power source. 

Air Bonsai Floating Planter

How does it work?

It uses the negative reaction of two opposing poles of the magnet pushing away from each other. To assemble, just find the spot right above the base where the planter sits perfectly. It takes a bit to set it up initially because you’re trying to find the sweet spot, but after that, it is super easy. 

What are the Benefits?

For me, the number one benefit that I’ve seen so far is that it calms me. I set it up next to my workstation, and it is always plugged in. Other benefits that others have noted include minimizing allergic symptoms, improving sleep, mental clarity, and relaxation. 

Air Levitating Planter

Where to Buy

This Fantasy Collection Levitating-Air Floating Bonsai Pot is available online and they have other floating planters and home decor options available for purchase. 

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