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Disclosure: I received compensation for this post from OurPact, however all opinions are completely my own. @OurPactApp #2015MustHaves

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Ever feel like you have a family that is entirely too connected to their electronic devices? It’s difficult to always find a balance between technology and family time, unless you make a schedule and stick to it.  Even then, there may be that time when the kids just want ‘one more minute’ to finish up their game on the tablet before dinner or bedtime.

I’ve been there and I know that ‘just one more minute’ can turn into five more minutes, even when dinner is waiting on the table. What if there was an app to make sur that your kids (or husband) is only using their electronic devices during the time you designate, without the battle?

Introducing OurPact

OurPact is an easy-to-use application that was created to help parents guide the mobile habits of their children, as well as teach responsibility through technology. After conducting hundreds of hours of research with child professionals and then teaming up with parents and industry experts, the OurPact team carefully constructed an essential application that keeps the functionality of family life in mind.

I downloaded this free app a couple of weeks ago and set up everyone’s profile and their devices. Now, when I want to limit their time online or when it’s time to eat, I don’t hear ‘just one more minute’ because I simply use OurPact to block the device from accessing the Internet or individual apps.

Just want to make sure everyone is on the same page and that you create a sort of balance between school and extracurricular time on the iPad? I’ve just described myself. My kids would love to be tied to their tablets more often than I care to allow. What about a product that can make sure that your kids are only using their devices during the time you designate, without the battle?

Check out this FREE app now available for the iPhone, iPad, etc.

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