Rainy Day Bundle from Incredibundles.com #2016HGG

Incredibundles Gifts

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Incredibundles Gifts

Incredibundles Gifts

Did you know that Incredibundles.com offers more than gifts for babies? Yes! While they have plenty of toys, baby bundles, and diaper bundles, Incredibundles does have a wide assortment of gifts for children, as well. I created my own bundle that I’ve aptly named the Rainy Day Bundle. I chose a few books and a game that will all fit perfectly into our rainy day agenda. Movies, books, and games are always on the list.

My Rainy Day Bundle includes:

Incredibundles Gifts

The bundle came packed safely and securely in a box. It was all wrapped in bubble wrap, tissue paper, and sealed with a sticker. I think it’s nice that they go the extra mile and take extra steps to make sure that the bundle of gifts arrives in perfect order.

You can chose from different sized reusable storage containers and fill them with any of the items on the website, or choose an already created bundle! Think of all the great newborn gifts you could give and how easy it will be to order those gifts, but still get that extra special touch. Incredibundles makes giving a personal gift even easier.


About Incredibundles

At IncrediBundles.com, we decided that the traditional baby gift basket needed a drastic revision. So, we threw out the wicker basket, paper shred, cellophane and generic baby care products. In their place, we designed adorably chic reusable storage containers and filled them with the very best award-winning toys, books and products for babies – selected by child development experts and approved by parents. The result is our innovative line of IncrediBundles, each designed to address a specific area of an infant’s development.

Gift-givers can choose from our extensive line of pre-configured bundles or order a Custom Bundle tailor-made for the recipient. Additionally, we offer unique Bundle Subscriptions including A Year of Toys, A Year of Books and A Year of Diapers. These subscriptions are gifts that keep giving throughout a baby’s first year.

We offer free shipping in the U.S. and also make a donation to a charity with every bundle purchase. The IncrediBundles.com Charity Network consists of a select group of the country’s most respected charities that support children and families in need. Each charity is aligned with a bundle category and a corresponding donation is made for every purchase from that category. Our partner charities include First Book, Sesame Workshop, Water for People, Global Green, CJ Foundation for SIDS and Room to Grow.

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